TomeNET – online roguelike

I highly recommend you to play Tangaria (… It’s like TomeNET, but much more… roguelikish 🙂 Non-linear dungeon progress, strict fair-play (no cheating), one character per account, no brainless grind and stair-scumming, new system for identification/traps/curses/hunger, selling items only to real players, focus on exploration (no cheezing detect on demand and proper ESP), removed exp penalty, sevel types of graphics, new lore based at Tolkien,  38 races, 18 classes, 1185 monsters, 24 dungeons, 557 items (multiplied with 122 ego types), 236 unique artifacts, 156 activation properties, 96 item’s parameters, loads of new types of landscape … and endless amount hours which you could spend in-game to have a great time. Cya in-game!

TomeNet ( — online roguelike game which include both MMORPG genre features and roguelike gameplay; you could call it ‘MMO-roguelike’.

My projects:
– Addons for TomeNet — game in ‘fullscreen’, fixing ‘alt’ problems, new hotkeys
Graphical tileset –  oldschool 1-bit tileset
– Music for TomeNET – old school music from Diablo, HoMM, UO and other masterpieces
TomeNET Blog – my articles about TomeNET

Tangar’s guides: // translation in progress
Maps of cities and World
Runemaster review

Useful lunks:
Official guide по TomeNet
TomeNET Discord
Monster search
 by Mikaelh


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