Tangar’s tileset for TomeNET

“Tangar’s tileset” – 1-bit graphics for TomeNET. Its raster font (“pseudographics font”) with various sizes. Information for developers

Why you should use this tileset? 😀 Cause it give you possibility to ‘read’ game situations faster and without mistakes! Example, different ‘D’s in TomeNET by default have differences only by color and flickering.. Try to understand who is who here:
In my tileset it became piece of cake!

I hope this tileset would safe you from a lot of YASD’s in TomeNET 😀

Actual version for 1920×1080 – 24×36:
.FON file: http://tangar.info/wp-content/uploads/games/tomenet/tileset_1-9-1/24X36TG.FON
.prf file (right click -> ‘save as…’): http://tangar.info/wp-content/uploads/games/tomenet/tileset_1-9-1/font-custom-24X36TG.prf

If you use 1920×1080 resolution with “Windows OS additional 150% font scale” option – you would be fine with 24×36 version of font. Either way – you need to customize actual version of the font for your screen resolution. To do so:
1) in-game push “=” -> “f” and use “+” and “-” to surf through fonts 🙂 There you need to find proper size of the font for your particular screen.
2) After you found one, download Fony (free font editor)
3) Open the 24x36TG.FON in Fony
4) Edit -> Resize
5) Try resizing for several % to find proper size for the font
6) Save this file with the same name (either way you would have to edit font properties which is quite confusing for newcommers)
7) Enjoy!

How tileset looks like:
Manual installation (if you do not with using game options):
1) Copy the file 24X36TG.FON to TomeNET\lib\xtra\font
2) Copy the file font-custom-24X36TG.prf to TomeNET\lib\user
3) In the config file (TomeNET.ini) assign option:
for the first two windows – [Main window] and [Mirror window].


1) If you got problems with walls appearence – turn off option for walls: “=” -> “1” -> font_map_solid_walls
2) Also if nothing work, check where you client stores userdata. From last TomeNET patchnotes:

Windows 7 and higher cause file access trouble when the client tries to write userdata to the folder where TomeNET is installed. Instead, user data needs to be in the system-specific user home folder (usually “C:\users”). Because of that, on first launch the Windows client now copies the lib/scpt and lib/user folder to the user’s home path and then uses that copy instead. If you use an older Windows version and/or know what you are doing, you can edit TomeNET.ini config file and set “DontMoveUser” option to “1” before actually launching the client to prevent this behaviour.
So if you do not use “DontMoveUser” option as “1”, you have to put font to system-specific user home folder (ex: C:\users\<username>\TomeNET-user)

3) If you wanna use tileset at Linux, please check this manual – how to convert your font to Linux format.

Versions log:

– Version 1.9.1 (only for 24X36) – New installation instructions and glyphs remapping:
The Witch-King of Angmar – back to other Nazguls (cause glyph #2 doesn’t work 🙁
Silent watcher – now among powerful golems
Tzeentch – now got special appearence
– Version 1.9
(only for 24X36) – Glyphs remapping:
The Witch-King of Angmar 2
Ulik the Troll 161
The Tarrasque 195
The Stormbringer (glyph deleted cause it’s protected at server).
As right now we trying to find solution to use more glyphs, this version available only for 24×36 size (in hope that 2.0 version would have more free glyphs).
– Version 1.8 – Polished several glyphs; resized small monsters (horse, rogue); golden dragonrider now female (got a hairstyle :P); yeti boss got Y engraved at his chest; reworked granite walls (solid and normal) & etc. Also please note that @ project page were added boss exceptions notes (3 minor bosses has a different appearence to ascii glyphs). (screenshot)
– Version 1.7 – Rework and polished environmental and monster tiles; new dragonrider, dragons, demons & etc; new webs tile, new colors & other cool stuff 🙂 (screenshot)
– Version 1.6 – Fixed dragonrider bug, polished/reassigned tiles (trees, floors, monsters) (screenshot)
– Version 1.5 – Polished all glyphs and redraw some tiles (screenshot)
– Version 1.4 – Redraw of all floor tiles & updated other monsters/objects. Also we got 2 additional tiles cause of staircase duplication. Now we got new Tier ‘0’ for dangerous middle-lvl demons and… surprise in Bree 🙂 Aaaand fixed a bug – now staircases displayed correctly at the map (screenshot).
– New version 1.3 is available for download. Redrawed and polished terrain/boss/monsters (screenshot)
– Version 1.2 – all glyphs used; especially dangerous monster was added (screenshot)
– Version 1.1 – all bosses has been added to font
– Version 1.0 – all terrain done 😉

Notes to remeber:

As far as we got limited glyphs, some bosses got not precise appearence. This bosses not too powerful, but still its nice to remebers some exceptions:

1) Kavlax the Many-Headed — looks like ‘M’ (hydra), but actually its ‘d’
2) Ghatanothoa — looks like ‘#’ (tentacles), but actually its ‘v’
3) Shudde M’ell — looks like ‘J’ (snake), but actually its ‘w’


Tileset designer: Tangar GameGlaz – http://mmoforum.org

Special thanks to:
Lightman (Monster list scripting, glyphs port)
Kimsoonsung (monsterID calculation formula)

Used materials for modification from tilesets:
Kimsoonsung – http://tomenet.eu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=880
David Gervais ‘TomeTik tiles’ – http://pousse.rapiere.free.fr/tome
RLTiles – http://rltiles.sourceforge.net

‘Tangar’s tileset’ project is in public domain; you are free to use it however you like; but it would be very nice if you would give a credit to TomeNET and put a link to http://tomenet.eu 🙂 Thank you!

Please feel free to post any comments or ideas at TomeNET forums – http://tomenet.eu/phpBB3

Project development: http://tangar.info/en/t/development-tomenet-tileset/

Decryption of tileset:

Archive downloads (OUTDATED! please consider downloading biggest size – 24×36 and down-scale it to your resolution with Fony):

All sizes (10×16, 12×18, 14×20, 16×24, 17×25, 19×29, 21×31):
.FON files: http://tangar.info/wp-content/uploads/games/tomenet/tileset_1-8/fon.7z
.prf files (right click -> ‘save as…’): http://tangar.info/wp-content/uploads/games/tomenet/tileset_1-8/prf.7z

Only 21×31 size for 1680×1050:
.FON file: http://tangar.info/wp-content/uploads/games/tomenet/tileset_1-8/21X31TG.FON
.prf file (right click -> ‘save as…’): http://tangar.info/wp-content/uploads/games/tomenet/tileset_1-8/font-custom-21X31TG.prf

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