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Tangar Igroglaz in kimono. Artist: Aila

Hi ho, catguys! I’m Tangar iGroglaz (igro = game, glaz=eye).

  1. I work on “Tangaria”:
    https://tangaria.com/ – free open-source multiplayer roguelike game;
  2. Creating fantasy world “Magery“: https://magery.ru
  3. I have several youtube-channels; full-list at  https://entr.ru . Youtube is my life!
  4. Gamedev-analytic and journalist. I live in MMORPG starting from 1999 (Ultima Online @ Drachenfels and Catskills);
  5. Musician, writing songs, electronic music, make guitar lessons, djing;
  6. Graphic designer and web-site developer;
  7. Writer, writing stuff and poetry;
  8. Scientist; Doctor of Biology (PhD).
  9. Founder of Stream Guild (streamguild.ru), biggest Russian-speaking community of streamers.
  10. Instagram // VKontakte

At youtube I’ve got four gaming channels:

1) https://youtube.com/GameGlaz – streams in English;
2) https://youtube.com/GlazGame – about gamedev and gamedesign in English;
3) https://www.youtube.com/igroglaz – analytics of MMORPG in Russian;
4) https://www.youtube.com/streamguild – streams in Russian;

Also I’ve got channel about Geek-culture in Russian (tabletops, DnD, hobbies, skilltoys etc): https://youtube.com/tangar

And also I appear sometimes at Shtukesia (my sis) gaming channel: https://youtube.com/RussyGame


Curriculum vitae:


I play online games almost from the moment of their appearance (the end of the 90s), but before that there were sleepless multiplayer nights in Doom, Quake and CS on a LAN in smoky computer clubs; as well as hot-seat marathons in Heroes, Worms etc. I love singleplayer games also, nowadays play them mostly due of nostalgy about old days – my favorites are Might and Magic, Kings Bounty 1 or HoMM2 and so on. Among modern singleplayer games I  am only interested in roguelike genre (my first rlgs was Nethack and Moria @ ~1995).

My path to the online worlds began with RPG Rage of Mages 2 and MMORPG Ultima Online in 1999. Then there were everything – from browser games to WoW, Guild Wars and so on. The basic principle of choosing a computer game for me is the availability of a full-fledged online mode; the key factor is the use of client-server technology or simply storing character files on developers’ servers (otherwise game ruined in cheating and decadence).

It’s how I look at 2000 🙂 Pimple on nose: -5 to charisma; +10 to dodging

I like not only playing, but also having a talk about games, to discuss gamedesign and gamedev, and recall past times, turning pages of game magazines. Sometimes, besides me on the video, you will see my soulmate Shtukensia 🙂

Beyond the MMO-worlds: I am a 35 y.o. Russian Bear. I like physical activities  (karate, trekking, hiking, tennis) and do not use any substances (even alchohol) that change consciousness. I am interested in history and politics. In terms of $ – I work in IT, science and media.

Here we come to the end of this article. This is still a draft. Without false modesty, I note that my biography in MMORPG world is more than extensive and quite pulls on a couple of volumes of “War and Peace” – one day I will write it. Regarding the development of this site – I’ve got plans to post rare screenshots from different MMORPGs, primarily from UO; new sections will be added and the most relevant topics will be covered.

Contacts for business inquiries: igroglaz [at] gmail [dot] com

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