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Project: Gorgon SUGGESTIONS

Project Gorgon it’s very rare game in modern times – it’s become better and better the more you play. But its very important to make ‘bright’ and polished beginning of the game. I mean newbie island… Some suggestions: 1) newbie … Continue reading

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Clash Royale — new genre in online games

I play online games (MMORPG/MOBA mostly) since 1999. Right now MMORPG/MOBA genre in deep crysis, not much new ideas, only WoW/LoL clones everywhere… So imagine my surprise when I found out that online games industry at ‘mobile’ platforms made huge … Continue reading

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Diablo 3 VS Devilian — battle for BEST Hack’n’Slash experience

Which hack’n’slash is better – Devilian or Diablo 3? Comparison of combat systems would show you everything in my new video So guys.. What do you think about this comparison?  I got discussion with Xyth:

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MMORPG cycle: how we start and end playing online games

Every MMORPG player has his own MMORPG Cycle – how we start and end our adventures in every particular game. When we start to play a new online game, we think that it would be _special_ and we would be … Continue reading

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TomeNET online roguelike – deepest gameplay of all MMORPG

Hiho! I play TomeNET for a 3 years and I feel that this is the deepest online game in terms of gameplay. It got enhanced roguelike features in perfect bond with modern MMORPG concept and… Tolkien lore. I’m trying to … Continue reading

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