Voice interface in MUDs

It would be great to add voice control (and, in general, the voice interface) to MUDs – after all, this is the perfect genre for it; in fact it’s the only online games’ genre where such “interface” will be convenient, very useful and necessary. Why did this thought come to my mind? I’ve recently damaged my right hand and now I’m a one-armed pirate; I work only left hand and can’t play ‘common’ online games. It’s like to become temporary a disabled person…

Afre such event you immediately begin to understand how important it is to develop alternative controls and interfaces in games. I am convinced that if such an interface is properly implemented, it will attract a large number of new players to the MUD genre and in general will give breathe of new life into it (sadly, but now MUDs is quite niche game, even too much).

How ot impletent it? Continue reading

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TomeNET addon: important notice

Considering last version of my addon:

NumLock key remapping works good only for ‘slow’ actions. Do not macro potions or important spells on it. NumLock works with a delay, so if, for example, you have [Fire-till-kill + auto-retalliation], monster comes in melee and you would try to drink a potion – it wouldn’t work (died twice before understood source of problem). So it’s only safe to use NumLock for misc. actions which you wouldn’t use in battle (like show ‘map’ key)

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TomeNET stages

There I got an idea about game stages. pre-Angband and Angband.. May be then there would be post-Angband, donno.

Anyway, lets try to look at this idea more detailed. I think there could be divided some more stages: Continue reading

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TomeNET learning curve

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Tangar’s [East Bree shops] – finest shops in the land!

Yet Another Update Guys please note that today I had to close most of my small shops (and RP-shops also) near Bree cause for recent times you can’t have more then 30 houses at account (it’s finally fixed :evil: )… I had to close ~15 shops because I’ll need more space to storage items so I had to buy storage-houses near Lothlorien :(

Maybe it would be good idea do not count small houses equal to storage houses to support small business and RP :) Continue reading

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SIMPLE crafting system for roguelike (TomeNET)

Why crafting is important to online game? It gives people more things to do. Sometime you get too bored of just killing staff again and again and its great to have some other things to do. Some players like to gather resources, hunting for items, trading & etc. So crafting system gives people more opportunities and more choices what to do in TomeNet.

I’ve already mentioned design of fishing skill there – http://tangar.info/blog/fishing-crafting-skill/ It wasn’t really good cause of complexity of its design. I wanna propose my new idea about crafting.
Continue reading

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Fishing (crafting skill)

TomeNet is MMORPG. And for each MMORPG its nice to have crafting – possibility to create something, to obtain items not only from killing monsters, but also made it with your hands.

I understand that its kinda hard to add something like this and do not disturb balance of the game. But we could do something simple, but fun. Continue reading

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[idea] how to make DK interesting and remove grind from it

I belive that at character creation its important to give everyone equal starting opportunities. I mean a new-born character has to have the same _possibilities_ for everyone.

Right now there is events system operating. There are several events, which are designed for a new characters. If you would success in the event, your character would receive certain profit – very good item. Sometimes it could be even end-game item, like very good bow or mage stuff, cap of seeing or just wicked armour with rare resistances. Continue reading

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[impression] Experience curve

I very liked how experience/lvls progress was till lvl 40+. I was able to visit and finish (kill dungeon boss) all dungeons – from Orc Cave till The Illusory Castle and everywhere I got good experience. But then I came into Mordor.. At first it was ok, but after 45 lvl I felt that I have to go very deep to get any experience cause huge gulf which appeared between dungeon lvl and char lvl. 

Right now I’m druid dwarf 47 lvl. I just finished Mordor. I wanted to check Dol Guldur and Deads Paths, but there is not point to go there cause I would get experience at such dungeons (yellow or even grey.. and I wear Nazgul ring which drain exp, so yellow is no option). The only place to go is Angband. So I have to pass two dungeons (for the first time) and its sad a bit. Continue reading

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[idea] New features in WEATHER system

Another one of coolest feature of TomeNet is weather. And I see behind this system much more then simple cosmetic effects. It could be changed in very interesting way.

1) Make weather influence to characters. For example: rain could reduce vision, debuff chance to hit with melee or ranged items (for enemies also), buff some other things, like water and poison damage. Sunny weather – reduce nether effects, buff light damage, reduce dark magic effects & etc. Also night-time (its not really weather, but day/light system, but it could have similar concept) – could be versa to sunny weather. So night is the time of undead and wicked stuff :) Continue reading

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Most underestimated skills – how to make them useful

TomeNet has some skills which need rebalancing, cause nobody using them. The most unpopular skills are:


I dont think that there are any character who put any points in it. How to fix it? Add some benefits! Continue reading

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[new skill] Throwing-mastery for roguelike

One of the best roguelike feature – a lot of freedom in manipulation with objects. And the most fun there that you can throw anything. But while I play TomeNet I do not see much interest in it cause it doesn’t really useful (exept death pots).

Its a pity, cause the most interesting for me when I played Nethack was to collect items for throwing. Actually its my favorite style of playing roguelike game – finding items which is good for throwing and then.. quite logical – throw them in to the enemies :mrgreen:  Continue reading

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[suggestion] Share exp in dungeon even without party

Right now we got a huge problem in multiplayer interactive system. Just take a look at it:


When I meet anyone in dungeon – I got feeling of frustruation. Why? Because I get less experience while someone else at the level (he kill monsters -> I got nothing). Its especially critical at low-mid level of progress. Everytime when someone around – I’m trying to go to another lvl asap to get full exp from lvl. Continue reading

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[idea] How to make wilderness EXCITING in roguelike

TomeNet has beautiful “open” world system. Its one of the most unique TomeNet features. Yep, we got a lot of wilderness! But right now its in most cases players just trying to pass this wilderness as soon as possible to get into the dungeon. 

In the same time wilderness has HUGE potential of beign very exiting place. All what we need – to motivate people to explore it. How to do so? Lets me propose a few ideas for it:

1) rare boss monster spawns. Group content. Every hour or so all people in-game receive BIG SCARY MESSAGE, like: Continue reading

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Quests for TomeNET

Old grumpy orc:

– Hey you! YOU, with stupid %player_weapon% in your hands! Come here, I have a job for %player_class%er like you!

– I’m old orc and do not know words of politeness. This scummy humble-words is not for me. Yes! But I need help. And I’ll pay for it! Don’t you like small shiny coins, sweety? AHAHAA
Continue reading

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