GTA 5 from Epic Games Store: how to change language

I’ve got GTA 5 from Epic Games Store; but it goes in a wrong language (they took OS system language, stupid MFs). Changing language in launcher doesn’t change it in-game. How to change it properly:

  1. run Registry Editor: regedit
  2. go there to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V
  3. create new “string value”
  4. name it as: Language
  5. set value to it, one of the following:

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How to create MMORPG game?

What do you need to create online multiplayer game – the most essential stuff:

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How to run ‘Random Dice’ game at PC emulator (MEmu, Bluestacks…)

To run Random Dice: PvP Defence at PC Android Emulator (MEmu, Bluestacks, etc) – you need to turn off root at the device. Every emulator got this option in settings, in MEmu it’s:

Settings (gear) → Engine → Root.

Without it you will get: ERROR 666

Hope to see you at my streams! 

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Custom housing in Multiplayer Roguelikes

Lurking of Internet Archive I’ve found a document about custom housing is written by EvilEye, one of the main developers of PernMAngband. Fist part of this document explains quite regular stuff, but second one is about Custom Housing – possibility to create houses of any form. There is this document. Continue reading

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Multiplayer Roguelike Multilingualization

Multilingualization of MAngband, TomeNET, PWMAngband, Tangaria – is possible.

Two years ago CBlue mentioned that there were korean server with multilanguage.. I’ve managed to find an ancient implementation of MAngband ML at internet archive (it’s in Japanese, but still): Continue reading

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You must read ‘Silmarillion’ to understand ‘Angband’

I’ve tried to read Silmarillion several times in the past. But it felt too boring for me, something like a Bible (no offence, guys, but it’s boring 😀 ) So I’ve started and dropped it several times over past 20 years since I’ve become interested in Middle-Earth.

At the same time I’ve re-read Lord of The Rings something like 15 times; it’s one of my favorite books. So I had some knowledge about Middle-Earth anyway.

And now when I’ve started to work on my variant – and made a decision to make it about my vision on The Fourth Age (and to put together classic lore from Angband, which got a lot of DnD stuff in it) – I’ve written draft of the storyline.

But actually I’ve recognized that Continue reading

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Angband variants table

To understand Angband variants (to ‘feel’ this phenomenon) and to find interesting ideas for my variant, I’ve started research at different web-resources (Roguebasin, oook, The Angband Variant Repository). It’s great websites, but as there are so many variants – I thought it will be fun to bring all needed information and links to _one_ web-page; so you do not need to walk through hundreds of hyperlinks to get all basic information about variants. So I’ve combined all these sources under one table at my website:

Angband variants table

There are only two fields – name (with the link to source) and description; so you could read everything without clicking around while drinking a cup of tea 🙂

It’s a draft for now, but I’ll maintain it and will make it up-to-date in time 😉

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Cursed items which you can not remove _for a while_

In old times it was great to find a cursed ring of teleportation and won’t be able to remove it, but try to survive with it by getting to town’s temple to buy remove curse scroll..

But new V curse system is better, of course; perma-curse system where you couldn’t remove cursed items was too hardcore.

But. Now it’s a bit lack of old flavour. Player just wear all items, without any thinking; which become a bit boring approach.

Add HEAVY_STUCK item flag which will work this way:

if you wear items with this flag – you can not remove it for a certain amount of turns, eg X+YdZ turns.

Then if we will assign such flag to, for example, ring/amul of teleportation (and will make teleport chance on these as it was in old times) with 20+5d30 cursed-turns – a player will have a pretty funny situation – while he has to survive for a certain time under this conditions. When the time of curse ends – you are free to remove this item.

The same thing to other items – make non-removable curse not permanent, but temporary. Then we could put back old good stuff:

Weapon of Morgul
Crowns of Sickliness
Helms/Crowns of stat reducing
Cloak of Irritation
Cloaks of Vulnerability
Gauntlets of Weakness
Gauntlets of Clumsiness
Boots of Noise
Boots of Slowness
Boots of Annoyance

Each type of objects should have a different amount of turns to lift a curse (armours is highers, rings of teleportation – lowest).

This will add a certain amount of additional funny adventures; at the same time won’t make curses too annoying (when player had too thin chances to survive after occasionally wearing certain cursed item).

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Tangaria (multiplayer roguelike) recent news

1) PWMA had huge update with latest Vanilla Angband features: , which included Linux support.
2) monsters & tileset revamp:
3) storyline which explain everything:
4) added history of the genre

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Tangaria’s haters

Recently I’ve announced Tangaria’s monsters update at Angband forums and got such reply there:

So what I can gather from reading your post is that there’s a niche for a PWMAngband server hosted by someone with a functioning brain.

I know that I’ve obtained some haters after my past criticism of Nick’s concept of V monster revamp. But in my critics I wasn’t rude to Nick, on the contrary I respected him (and respect now) and actually pleaded to reconsider the decision. Some people considered my post (maybe due that English isn’t my native language and I’m bad at it) as disrespect and attacked me with rude words there; while I simply protected the idea of compatibility between V and variants (eg MAngand, TomeNET – which all was based at old monsters.. now they are not compatible with V in terms of monsters, which is sad, but life is going on).

A year past and we all moved on from this old argument; but I suppose there always will be people who see me as an enemy. What could I do there.. Just put these people in ignore list on forum, I suppose.

Keep calm, carry on and play Tangaria 🙂 Today I’ll post new Tangaria lore!

Considering ster’s jest about PWMA servers: actually there are two classic-PWMA servers online, list is there:

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Angband interactive objects and EFFECT on monster’s death

In my variant, which is based at PWMAngband (which is based at latest V) – I’m adding new ‘monsters’, which will work like an ‘objects’ – barrels, crates, statues, altars, obelics, etc. They will have ~ such config:

name:wooden crate
desc:Crude old wooden crate. Small beetle sits on it's lid.

So you could smash them and get a treasure (sometimes).

It’s cool, but there are some problems come with such implementation:
1) as this objects appears as ‘monster’ – they interfere with monster’s population and exp gain in the dungeon; they take place of regular monsters which breaks game balance a bit
2) it’s not possible to assign to this objects some interesting effects. For example, barrel could explore (mmm.. Diablo barrels), altar could strict you with a lightning, from the crate which you smashed could appear scorpion or snake, etc. And without such effects it’s too EZPZ way to get a treasure, which breaks item/gold income balance.

I see certain workaround with EFFECTS – to assign spells to monster-object (mobject) with very low probability, eg:


..which together with very small ‘monster’ speed could work somehow.  But still, it won’t solve all troubles.. and it’s not possible to bind EFFECTS on monster’s death.

Yet another workaround is to put mobject to deep sleep (255), give him normal speed and spell-freq:1. But it will ruin aggro players, and shrieks will create a real bedlam 😉

It will be great if V devs could consider to create a new type of ‘mobjects’ in V which will not interfere with monsters and will have EFFECT bahaviour – like traps, but no traps 🙂

The minimalitic solution (without adding new ‘mobject’ type) could be just to add new flag to monsters which will generate certain action on monster’s death. It could also enhance some other monsters to good (expoding golems could be fun.. remembering dolls from D2 hehe)..

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Morgoth killed! At last!

It was experemental testing attemp for a dragon race rebalance – where exp penalty was removed in exchange to:
-20 all stats
-3 HP
– RES_NEXUS not at lvl 1, but at lvl 50
– skill-disarm-phys:-16
– skill-disarm-magic:-16
– skill-device:-16
– basic breed (I’ve disabled all breeds of dragons except traditional basic ones)

So basically this dragon was much more weak than vanilla PWMA dragon. I didn’t expect to go so far with such nerf.. I thought this tiny dragon will not manage it. But he did 🙂 Video: Continue reading

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MAngband android client demonstration

Sneak peek at MAngband ( android client:

It’s even got animation ^^

And browser web-client coming too! 😀 It’s already possible to connect with it to TomeNET/PWMA to walk around 😉
To connect with browser client – enter credentials and wait for some time.. It’s in very deep test mode, so errors occures (check for debug messages with ‘F12’).. Browser client is kinda in _very_ deep demo pre-dev version. Android client is much better developed so far 🙂

Download android MAng test client:

Damm.. Playing with android client gives possibility to play in VR. I’ve got Samsung Gear VR, so I’ll try and make a report about it 🙂

Future is near!

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Rage of Mages 2: class & monsters rebalance

Some changes which we made over past weeks (to be in touch – please join our discord):

1. Code update by @WarBeginner:

  • the way to control teleport distance
  • fixed bug with ‘max_skill>100’;
  • fixed bug with max stats potions for witch/amazon
  • new min-max exp brackets for quests

2. Server updates:

  • class changes:
    amazon +13 reaction (more defence); mage +4 strenght (with proper items (body+1 hp+50 could tank by using ‘l’ key and auto-heal; become paladin-like); new stats:
    warrior 52 50 48 46
    amazon 48 65 52 52
    mage 52 46 52 50
    witch 43 58 65 50
  • 5th monsters: reduced damage and defence; buffed experience
  • duration of ‘Bless’ and ‘Haste’ spells doubled; elven scrolls costs increased x1.5
  • dragon resistances revamped (swap earth with water)
    (please note that text descriptions at scrolls display wrong information; normal scrolls works as 50 mastery skill; elven as 100 mastery skill)
  • summon spellbook cost: 75kk->25kk
  • Added rule:
    13. It is forbidden to deliberately block the passage of a player; especially with the goal that the player was killed by monsters (except for ‘PvP’ maps); it includes stone walls spell, using summoned creatures or blocking player with ‘body’ (or any other method).
  • Mana costs:
    teleport 180 -> 360 (teleport should be escape option, not a way to move around)
    fireball 30 -> 40
    firewall 60 -> 100
    poison cloud 60 -> 100
    prismatic spray mana: 70->60
  • Added ‘horror’ difficulty – please test it for blunders: shops, bugged mobs, exploits etc
  • price increased for scrolls: elven magic arrows
    reduced for scrolls: summon and control spirit
  • teleport scrolls distance (tp for warrior should work like ‘dash’/’jump’ skills)
    common 50k 3 distance
    elven 500k 6 distance
  • 2-handed melee weapons now give additional defence, absorption, attack speed; their cost reduced (10%)
  • attack speed of spears reduced (they always were OP); spears got bonus to attack
  • all undeads and necromancers got astral resistance; also succubus got a bit
  • mage’s teleport distance is limited to 12 (at 110 skill)
  • orcs tp distance fixed
  • troll4/5 stone curse fixed
  • Added table with monsters
  • reduced distances to certain magic spells
  • elite mage armour price buffed (so it will come up at horror maps as tavern rewards)
  • bracelet/amulet price 10x (now it’s high-end equipment; you will still be able to upgrade it with quests)
  • reduced exp for dragon4 (750k->500k)
  • exp penalty readjusted: ‘Hard’: -10%; ‘Horror’: -15%
  • summoned spirits (and also skeletons, zombies) can’t regenerate or be healed

3. @klen312 (Мафусаил) made a script to cancel quests automatically

4. Maps

  • Changed order of maps for medium and hard maps
  • rebelanced and fixed bugs at medium maps
  • ‘Monsters’ map is more accessible for newbies who wish to hunt trolls
  • ‘Turtle Beach’ map live
  • added shops at central towns (Ordeal, Terra, Valley)
  • removed some minor quests from medium maps and revamped a bit
  • no more intercept dragon4 quests at ‘hard’ for now (replaced with ‘kill’)
  • reduced troll4 respawn
  • ‘Middle’ and ‘Turtle Beach’ map quests revamp
  • removed loads of ‘minor’ quests from medium maps (so rolling for good quest will be easier). Please report about ‘bad’ quests (which give low exp.. except easy maps)
  •  Judas got another dragon3
  • Middle
    – added dragon4 S
    – reduced respawn troll4
    – added q for ogre 4
  • Added experemental intercept dragon4 quest at Horror maps. BEWARE! It’s not an easy task as it was before. Try it on your own risk.

Hat passed 200 accounts registrations! 222 at the moment 😉

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Might and Magic VI – legendary RPG

I still remember my 1st time in M&M6.. I came as a little boy to my step-father friend as a guest (made a visit) and he had MM6 installed. I’ve created my party and walked around New Scorpigal fearing every noise, collected all herbs and spend hours by mixing them 😀 .. Later on when I had MM6 at my home PC I still didn’t came far away im terms of walkthrough – I several times started the game, made it to Ironfist Castle.. Then MM7 appeared and I came there, never coming far away from the beginning…

It’s so fun to make it finally at MM6! I’ve started streaming my walkthrought – in Russian at and in English at 😉 I’m trying to avoid spoilers and exessive saves. So far it’s very fan. So much games which deserve to be played at.. So I have to put them in queue 😀

I’ve decided to make stream only at one, Russian-speaking channel, so my walkthrough will be easier to watch (so you won’t need to go from one channel to another to see it in right order). But I’ll make videos about MM6 in English too – first thing will be guide for new players without spoilers in English. So.. You are welcome to watch my main adventures in Russian and creative MM6 videos at English channel

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