Эта страничка актуальна для ~2008 года. Гильдия существует и по сей день, но прием в нее закрыт.

Hi ho! Would you like to join «RTFM» guild? International community, PvP (arena’s), PvE (heroics and casual raids), 10 lvl perks, free repair, guild bank, 150+ members, website). Prospects for development — we need officers. We are one of the oldest guild on Shattered Halls (EU) server (from 2007).

We are international community — its fun to talk with people from other side of the world 🙂 You can see where are we from in guildinfo. We have people from 30 countries 🙂

rtfm is acronym for Read The F*&^ing manual 🙂 you can see more about it at our webpage.

Everyone could invite members so be free to invite your friends to our community

Rules for dungeons:

  • 2 mins for summon. get ready
  • loot rules: dps need dps-gear, healer need heal-gear, tank need tank-gear.
  • please, dont go away from game, whan we in instance. if you have less, then 1 hour, please say it now ^^

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