Tangaria advanced hotkeys

List of new (compared to TomeNET or other roguelikes) and useful commands for advanced players:

| – quiver (up to 8 slots; every 40 missiles reduce 1 inv. slot)

W – walk into direction (eg. to step on trap on purpose)

D – to disarm trap or to lock a closed door.

+ – alter; used to choose a direction before action (?)

h – fire default ammo at nearest enemy

* – Targeting Mode (useful for eg. ball spells, to shoot it to the monster group center)

( – target other player (eg to heal)

‘ – target closest monster (useful to create macro)

[ – list of visible monsters

] – list of visible items

^W – wilderness map (world map)

^F – repeat level feeling

^Z – chat commands

^D – post item to chat

^E – buy a house

^Q – get a quest

^S – emotion commands (for interaction between players)

^L – center map (useful for ranged attacks!)

U – use an item

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