Tangaria – online roguelike

I’m developing new free open-source MMO-RL (multiplayer roguelike) game – Tangaria:
https://tangaria.com (server is already running!)
It’s got enhanced graphics, truly roguelikish permadeath gameplay, new races and classes, unique handmade locations with inhabitants and deep world lore.

Cya in-game!

Tangaria – online multiplayer roguelike game based on PWMAngband engine. PWMA in turn based on vanilla Angband. At this page I’ll publish my tools, guides and other useful stuff which could help other fellas to enjoy Tangaria 🙂


  1. Advanced hotkeys

Addon for full-screen:
Addon solves “alt” problem, removes borders, cropping duplicated stroke, making game fullscreen, fixing numpad+5 key, make NumLock, CapsLock and WinKey safe to push while play and give possibility to bind macro to them. Also gives wider range of macro to Tab and tilda.
Important: do not use NumLock for ‘battle’ actions!


  1. run the game (mangclient.exe) and register and account with chosen login/password
  2. edit your mangband.ini file to have right amount of strokes for messages window. The easiest way is to use my config (to download: RMB* -> ‘save link as…’). Don’t forget to put your login/password there.
  3. (OPTIONAL) you could download blind-friendly big font files 16X24TX and 21X31TG ; put them to folder PWMAngband\lib\fonts . To used them, edit config and replace stroke Font=16X24X.FON with Font=16X24TX.FON in term 0 and put 21X31TG.FON to term 1. If this fonts would be too big for you, later on you could download other sizes there 

Now you could download addon itself:

1) download AutoHotkey https://autohotkey.com/ – its free program
2) download addon https://tangar.info/wp-content/uploads/games/pwmangband/pwmangbandV1-0.ahk // to download: RMB* -> ‘save link as…’
3) customize addon option – to hide or not to hide top stoke in game window (edit file it in Notepad, like common text file)
4) run addon file as ‘administrator’ (create shortcut to the file on desktop and choose in file prorerties ‘run as administrator’.
5) run game and use MMB+LMB* to activate addon in active window, MMB+RMB to deactivate. 
*L/RMB –  left/right mouse button. MMB – middle mouse button; 

If PWMangband would be updated – you have to edit pwmangbandV1-0.ahk file and change there version (al line 31); either way it won’t ‘cut’ header.

And the last one: protect mangband.ini file (RMB -> ‘read only’) for writing cause there is a bug which augment number of rows in client every time when you use addon. So you should to lock this file after you arranged everything.

Now you could run mangclient.exe and enjoy 🙂 

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