Server rules

Welcome to «Tangar’s Hat» – Rage of Mages 2 server. Please remember that by entering the game you agree to abide the rules listed here. Ignoring / violating these rules is considered a sign that you no longer want to continue playing on the server, and we will be forced to act accordingly.


  • Each player must have their own account.
  • It is forbidden to have more than one account.
  • If someone is playing with you from the same IP address, you should, if possible, bring this to the attention of the administration in order to avoid blocking your account. (sometimes you don’t know exactly who is playing with your IP (neighborgs), so no worries, such situation is handled with care and there always will be an investigation).
  • When playing in a party from one IP address (or if your game is suspicious of other players or the administration; as there are cases of IP spoofing), you must be in the voice discord channel; so that we can check that these are real people, not a several accounts controlled by one person.
  • It is forbidden to use accounts of other players.
  • It is forbidden to impersonate other players or the hat administration.
  • It is forbidden to create characters with names that refer to famous people in a socially significant, religious or political context (for example: Putin, Navalny, Obama, Trump, etc.), as well as characters whose names are provocative or rude.
  • It is forbidden to create new characters specifically in order to sell their starting equipment and transfer any values to another character.
  • It is forbidden to deliberately wind up death and murder counters – it’s forbidden to die on purpose or kill your friend to raise kill number or use any other dishonest methods for this goal.

Fair play principle

  1. Novice players or beginners – players whose character has not yet reached 100,000,000 experience on our server;
  2. It is forbidden to donate money, sell for cheap price or give away items to novice players; prices when trading with beginners should at least correspond to market prices;
  3. Also, novice players are prohibited from taking debts, loans, credits, etc from other players. All trading operations by beginners must be completed immediately, without delay.

This principle idea is to ensure that players are on an equal footing and do not upset the original balance of game mechanics. Most often, such a “hacking” mechanic occurs when an experienced player ‘helps’ a novice  — give presents or sells him an item much cheaper, makes an spell-buffs, helps kill monsters. All this leads to the opposite effect  — you simply deprive the beginner of a part of the game content that you yourself have gone through and at one time enjoyed it; a beginner who misses this content gets an incomplete experience in playing Rages of Mages 2; for example, you can meet people who have never made a stat potion in their life, although they have been playing RoM2 for many years.
In short, do not spoil the life of other players with your “help”. Examples of fair-play violations – when an experienced player:
— helps to kill monsters for a novice who is much weaker than him and is useless in battle
— kills monsters, deliberately leaving bags to the new player who is following him and collects them like a vacuum cleaner
— a heavily experienced player makes spell-buffs to players who cannot afford such buffs on a regular occasions with scrolls
— the experienced player “holds” monsters by stone curse (or stone walls) or tanks them so that the beginner can beat them from a safe place (clarification: if there is a real danger that the beginner will die and loose stuff  — then the fair-play principle is fulfilled).

Addition from 04.03.2022: a big request to everyone – do not give away items for free – both to beginners and to ordinary players. A player who has not played properly through game progress, but who already has best items, will lose interest to the game. So it’s a disservice to our community and disrespect to our community. By distributing items for free, you destruct the world of Allods, and reduce interest to the game, reduce server’s online. Please try to sell items at market prices (for ‘quest’ items it’s 50kk+).

Community Guidelines

The principles of our community are based on cooperation and fan. In terms of communication, the only requirement is for the players — maintaining a positive atmosphere within our community and mutual respect.

The bulk of the people on our hat are calm and reasonable players; many have been playing Rage of Mages 2 for many years. We are not in a hurry, we spend time in pleasure. For us, the main thing is the process, not the result; fan, not pont. The main principle of communication on the hat: positive and adequate. We have no place for toxic players, “papas”, “super-mega-slayer” and other extremes.

Once again, I remind you of our cornerstone — a positive communication. Perhaps not everyone understands exactly what I mean. I will give examples of how not to behave and how to behave:

1) BAD: “everything is bad, they killed me, bad hat”
GOOD: “who does not lose, does not win, I will play better next time”

2) BAD: “in my party everyone is crooked, because of you I die”
GOOD: “everything is cool, but we need to be more attentive.”

3) BAD: “where is everyone? am I alone here? ”
GOOD: “I am gathering courageous adventurers on a hike! let’s go! ”

4) BAD: any other nagging, complaints, negativity, mate, rudeness
GOOD: positive attitude

Failure to comply with this concept leads to exclusion from the community.

Well, and who is not ready to maintain such a style of communication – please do not start playing with us, save time / nerves for yourself and others. Send to the ban – 1 click, if you are far from our concept, sooner or later you will be expelled anyway. Why waste time? Other players – keep calm and carry on 🙂

And a few more comments:

  • It is forbidden to speak negatively in terms of nationalities, other countries and languages, minorities, etc. We respect all players, it does not matter where they come from and what language they speak, what preferences they have.
  • Communication in general chat  going on in Russian or English; You can communicate in other languages in private messages.
  • Talk about politics, religion, nationality, etc., is undesirable. Rages of Mages 2 — fantasy game; out of real life and his problems.
  • It is forbidden to flood in the chat; as well as writing CAPSLOCK or in any other way cHaNgE words.

In general, when playing on a hat, it is necessary to observe the elementary rules of the game and decency – do not cheat, report violations, do not trolling and provoking.

Game’s rules (based on the classic rules of Nival servers, 1999):

1. We expect that players will be able to solve most problems without the participation of the administration. In those cases where the problem cannot be solved without the participation of the administration, interested parties should contact in the discordpublic chat of game.

2. Players whose behavior in the game is contrary to these rules may receive sanctions from the administration. Sanctions can range from a simple warning to blocking access to servers. The administration reserves the right to impose sanctions at any time and without explanation.

3. The annoying behavior of the player may serve as the basis for imposing appropriate sanctions on him. An example of such behavior is the abuse of rude or annoying messages, or the use of character names that others perceive as offensive.

4. If one of the players systematically prevents the other from playing, deliberately interfering with him, this can also serve as a reason for imposing appropriate sanctions on him.

5. The use by the player of game mechanics for unseemly purposes is also the basis for the adoption of sanctions. This includes the use of found “bugs”, cluttering the screens of other players with their messages and so on.

6. For the loss by players of things or characters during the game or in connection with malfunctions of the equipment or software, the administration does not bear responsibility and does not compensate for the loss.

7. Players whose activity in the game irritates a large number of players may be subject to sanctions by the administration. The severity of sanctions depends on the number and validity of complaints received, and will be determined by the administration in each case separately.

8. We do not limit the ability of players to attack other players within the existing mechanics of the game. However, abuse of this option may serve as the basis for the adoption of appropriate sanctions. Examples of abuse include numerous killings of the same player, or systematic, gratuitous attacks on other players.

9. It is forbidden to use any automation to control your character; it doesn’t matter if the player is behind the keyboard or not. The triggers used to automate the reaction of your character’s behavior or to artificially control your gameplay are not allowed. The only exception is the “roll” script for quests (taking and canceling quests to get desired one).

10. Players are obliged to inform the administration about the presence of bugs and vulnerable game mechanics, including features of game maps, for example, farm monsters from places that are too inaccessible for monsters to walk through or a system of creature diplomacy that is too easy to operate, which allows players to poison them safely among themselves in order to obtain advantages and so on.

11. It is forbidden to openly discuss bugs and vulnerable game mechanics, as well as inform other players about them in any way. For example, summoning a monster with “Summon” spell and killing it for money is prohibited.

12. When hat administrators or game masters enter the game (characters “Admin”, “Admin” and characters with “GM” at the beginning), players must open their visibility zone for him (press “F3” -> “see”) .

13. It is forbidden to deliberately block the passage of new players with stone walls spell or using summoned creatures on easy and medium maps.

14. The administration has the right to impose sanctions on a player in cases not provided for by these rules, if it considers it necessary.


Old rules (outdated, not valid):

Operations with items:

  • It is forbidden to create new characters specifically in order to sell their starting equipment and transfer any values to another character.
  • It is forbidden to transfer items without receiving in exchange value-relevant values (including between your characters). Exceptions:

         – if your main character is dead and has 0 experience, then with this character you can transfer money / items to your new main character
         – transferring things to your vault (see vault rules below)
         – the transfer of items between fully soaked characters is not regulated

  • It is forbidden to buy anything on credit.
  • It is forbidden to steal bags that remain from players after death (except for quest maps).
  • Everywhere, except for quest maps, it is forbidden to steal bags from monsters who were killed or lured into the city by other players. The one who first aggroed the monster (or group) — the one is the ownre of the bags (unless the players voluntarily share them among themselves).
  • Rule the one: conflicts of players for the farming of a particular place on the map have become more frequent. This situation is regulated in the following way — who first came to the spot — that and the farming, until a person leaves there. But if he went a distance of the screen of monitor and other player managed to jump to this spot — he lost the place. The rule does not work on quest-maps.
  • It is forbidden to specifically leave the bags from the killed monsters in order to pick them up with your other characters or the characters of other players in purpose to circumvent fair-play (see below).


  • Vault-character is a non-player character designed to store items and trade. In fact, the vault-character — avatar for the main character.
  • The player can use the vault-character as a wallet, store, or to trade with other players – but only as an appendage to the main character. The rules for transferring items act on the vault-character just like on the main character – you cannot transfer things to other characters (except the main one to which the vault-character is tied) without receiving relevant resources in return. In fact, a vault-character is an “inventory” of the main character.
  • The vault-character is forbidden to drink potions.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the vault-character in game situations, i.e. when it already has items from the main character, you can no longer play them in the normal mode (for example, farm them with monsters for the sake of earning money or save things when they died as the main character and so on); the vault-character should only be used as a buffer of items of the main character.
  • A vault-character can only be created for a specific main character of a player and cannot interact with your other characters or be tied to a new character, cannot become a new main character.
  • In the vault-character nickname, the word “vault”(or rus-variant ”sklad”) must be indicated, in the clan the nickname of the main character to which he is attached must be registered. Example: “Badger Vault | Tangar ”, where“ Badger Vault ” —  name of the vault-character; “Tangar” — main character to which the vault-character is attached.


  •  All trade transactions between characters must be indicated on the #trade discord channel. Transfers between your characters (if it is not transfers between the main character and the “vault”) should also be displayed there.
  •  When trading between your characters, you must use market prices – sell items for the same amount for which you would sell this item to another player. Market prices can be found in the #trade discord channel.

PvP and PK

  • It is not recommendated to intentionally repeatedly lure monsters in order to inconvenience or attempt to kill new players.

Translation from Russian: be_my_father

Rules of NewLith hat (2001) – do not work at our server!

I’ve put there this rules just for nostalgia…

12/25/2001 10:27:04 PM by Lord Atton|GreenGuard (

Pking: You may Pk in the Hard and Horror maps only or special maps so marked for fighting. You may no longer pk in easy or medium. You may not Pk a player over and over again. Twice is more than adequate to show your a superior chr. You may challenge a player to a Gentleman’s Fight. That is to yellow. If you pk a player under this circumstance your not intitled to take his bag. You may be subject to some punishments. See below. A limit of 75 pks is maxand any chr found with more than this will be deleted from the Hat. Only exceptions are LordAtton and the guards.

Player Conduct: You will be expected to conduct yourself as an adult even if your 10. Harrasment, disruption of the game will not be tolerated. Disrespect, cursing and inflamitory statements to LordAtton or one of his guards will result in a pause. Those that consistantly violate this rule will be deleted from the Hat.

Item and Armor: All players will use the items provided by the stores. No players with the exception of Lord Atton and his guards will have modified gear. Hacks mods and the like are forbidden. Those found with illegal items will be paused and given appropriate punishment.

Illegal play: NO player will CRASH MAPS, Dupe or copy items. Further no player will use items to exploite certain bugs in the game. To do so will result in deletion of your account or accounts.

In general: Your expected to use common sense and to come to NewLith to build your chr. Some players seem to be more interested in Pking than building a good chr. Those who are known trouble makers will find a short life on NewLith. I will enforce the 75 pk limit.

General: WE don’t seek to be popular. If you don’t like our rules then don’t come here. I seek the good and excellent players that find challenge in the maps and monsters. This is not a War Hat or Pk Hat. If you come here expect to be judged by your behavior. You break the rules expect to be judged and punished.

Punsihments: Three day pause not including the day of the offense is for first time offense. Stripping of your chr is considered for a second time offense. Finally for those the have shown they can’t live with the rules will have their accounts cancalled and revoked for a period not greater than one year.

Be well


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