Godville the most repressive online game?

I apologize for this post. For a detailed description of this situation, see the following post: Godville – scandals, intrigue, investigation.

Some folk may remember my song in RussianGodville is the funniest online game“… that phrase has taken on new colors (hence the title of this post). Went to it to play a bit, but there are developers suddenly began to cosplay comrade Stalin and ban unwanted people… Me too, I was banned in the game for this thread at forum. Got this “achievement”:

Access denied. Reason: violation of Godville rules of good manners on the forum p.2.2, 2.10 Date of unlocking: 18.04.2023 09:46

In addition, my Chronicle was deleted (that’s the info on the character’s personal page) – for posting my poems there… you’ll find their text below in this post and can judge do they deserve it.. Plus I was permanently banned from the forum )) It’s certainly a noble oxymoron – in a game geared towards parody and (self-)irony to strangle the toad of free speech like that.

Bottom line… Today it’s been 3 days, the ban was lifted and I’m in the game, but…

Again. I restored the chronicle from backup and replaced the phrase “To the rest of the herd” with “To the rest _”, so that the local moderators would not pick on me again.

Oops. It literally took me 5 minutes to get banned again. Just imagine how the moderator pressed F5 on my Chronicle with his shaking sweaty fingers; waited until I updated it and then threw me back into the ban))))

Access denied. Reason: violation of Godville’s rules of good manners in the Chronicle, paragraph 2.2, 4.2 Date of unlocking: 21.05.2023 09:24

Ah, how free we breathe these days in Godville! Nomenklatura, denunciations, repressions – all joys in one bottle 🙂 Zeitgeist!

Total from the funniest game, Godville has suddenly turned into the most (subjectively) depressingly repressive 🙂 Note that in the same forum, there were people who supported me, for example:

I’m a little late to the discussion, but I can in good conscience generalize. Nikolai is really good.
1. brought a fresh perspective to the forum
2. was not afraid to defend his opinion
3. stopped useless arguments in time
4. his rhymes are great, and the rhythm is not lame, like some people’s.
I give him a clear victory on points.

Or after my ban:

Mass minusing Annals (sometimes by entire guilds) are the order of the day and have long been the norm. Is mass flagging in vogue now? Because, in my opinion, if anyone here and broke the PCT, it’s certainly not Nikolai. Who said anything about a democratic forum? )

Basically, I have no beef with Godville for the bans. It’s a monastery with their rules. Every site on the internet has the right to its policies towards its users and dictatorship in this regard is commonplace. They have the (silly) right.

It’s just a shame that the main game in the genre of (post)irony has fallen flat. I wasn’t insulting or rude to specific players or (much less) the administration. In fact, I was pointing out (in the style of the “korovany” – funny russian meme) the problem of game design – when low-level players are thrown into the same dungeon as high-level players; which ultimately creates imbalance and incorrect treatment of newcomers. At the same time it contributes to increased monetization of the game – as newbies have to donate in order to at least slightly increase the chances of survival.

That is, the developers this is trivially profitable. The more inequality and joint top+newbiew activity in Godville – the more peple spending on the game 🙂 Well, imagine that in World of Warcraft character level 15 stuck with the character 40 in one dungeon … about the same situation. With the difference that Godville to cast “cure”, you have to pay the developers a dozen of cents, while in WoW you need mana from the character, which will be restored in 5 seconds) Well, it’s ok, the developers also need to eat, I understand … No one’s forcing you to play. But to ban for poems on the forum – it’s nonsense; especially when they are essentially a dispute between players with each other, a discussion of the phenomenon, not personalities … where the administration Godville was not once mentioned. All in all, it’s by Orwell – F5ing Chronicle after being debunked is the edge of moderation.

But it was funny… I generated a handful of memes as I mocked the issue, inspired a couple of “poets” to pout… so my account “spent” in the ban not for nothing. I think a lot of people (not just me) enjoyed this stick I poked into a rotten hornet’s nest. It burned up pretty badly… Goodbye, Godville!

As a reminder of the game, I’ll leave here my chronicle, for which (sic!) I’m now banned for the second time. It’s up to you to judge whether there’s something forbidden in this chronicle that people should be banned for:

My videos on the subject of Godville:
Song about Godville

He has a penchant for looting. He doesn’t mind ravaging cemeteries. True, he is not always welcome there:
16:54 Suddenly waking up from my slumber, I find only a strange phrase in my head: “dig.”
16:54 This time I was lucky! Found a treasure chest. I became richer by 225 golden chervonets.
16:56 Noticed the dead with scythes behind the cemetery fence. Quickly ran behind the hill and prayed for the rest.
13:51 Wandering through the ravines, came across someone’s corpse. Wanted to take the wallet, but the body suddenly gave aromatic signs of life and asked to get away.

A regular at the dead crossbowman’s tavern. Drinks up a fortune there.

Loves to peck bees by the ears:
6:27 p.m., Swarm of Wrong Bees is pecked by the ears. Took the wrong honey and 38 gold coins by right of the strongest.

Loves all kinds of animals. The first was pet Gryzlik (02/08/2010), a wonderful brain slug.

In eternal memory of Gryzlik:
8:37 p.m. Gryzlik hisses with fright to the whole neighborhood. Suspicious of the whole thing.
12:21 Took the pet to an animal fight for beginners. Gryzlik valiantly defeated and tagged his opponent, earning us 571 coins for cookies. Well done, Gryzlik!

On 02/21/2009 Gryzlik died bravely, protecting his master’s body from enemy lightning. Rest in peace, old buddy.
Since then there have been many pets, but the hero is faithful to his attachment to Gryzlik and regularly visits his grave in the outskirts of Trizvezdinsk.

Patronizes the beau:
13:38 Fended off a beggar from some nasty hero’s attacks. Lost an expired lepra invitations, but did a good deed.
17:04 Met a beggar. Flashbacks made me run.

But when I’m hung over, I’m ruthless even to them:
6:55 P.M. Met a bum. With the words “I need it more!” I took away his clear mirror.

How it all started. Six months later.

Weapon – twig -10 ||| nobleman’s chain +12
Shield – fig leaf -10 ||| multi-core shield +10
Head – glued whisker -10 ||| mononk’s hat +13
Body – sack with holes -10 ||| purity corset +12
Hands – rubber gloves -7 ||| starchy cuffs +10
Feet – perforated socks -10 ||| acceleration shoes +11
Talisman – walnut beads -10 ||| milk tooth Lao Tzu +15

After 15 months:

Weapon – throwing iron +31
Shield – Anti-admin shield +27
Head – cuckold helmet +30
Body – young sodskin +26
Hands – phase shift gloves +30
Feet – Ariadne thread socks +33
Talisman – amulet of super valuable ideas +26

After 26 months:

Weapon – siege sword +34
Shield – shield with krita +40
Head – scythe to the waist +33
Body – tin exoskeleton +37
Arms – steel wings +34
Feet – winter rubber boots +33
Talisman – vial of blue blood +33

After 36 months (got 50 level)

Weapon – Knee Hammer +50
Shield – Empire Nuclear Shield +41
Head – cap with lightning bolt +42
Body – imperial toga +42
Hands – infernal pads +41
Feet – lucky horseshoes +44
Talisman – ring of nudilungs +41

In 58 months (63 grades).

Weapon – pesky weapon +70
Shield – sicilian defense +71
Head – anonymus +72
Body – asteroid belt +72
Hands – antitank

A ray from Olympus again illuminates the paths of the brave wanderer. Once in a while the hero receives a cat’s blessing.

An ancient bylina (when they first appeared):
The bylina is about the glorious hero Nikolai. God Nikolai protects him – lightning, heals wounds, guides him on his way, raises him from the dead.
And when he takes to send the ancient evil to the nursing home – only bones cracking, and heads flying. The tall ichneumonander you can see next to him is not a wild monster, but a loyal companion of Igrogladnyi “Yadrnyi”. Often he can be seen among the drunks and brawlers of the “SoT” clan. He carries all kinds of curiosities: tête-à-tête, then a stretch of pleasure. His favorite trick is “consumer’s rights” with his eyes closed. People will not lie, everything is laid out as it is.

The story is set for March 2023:
Believe it or not, but there is a hero Nikolai in the white world that honors the god Nikolai.
His task is difficult – to make a round-the-world crusade. Very much he does not like to spend the night in Zlydensk – and why, he refuses to say. Nobody knows why, but in his sack you can always find perfume with the aroma of borscht. He likes to brag about the noble reception, “Save-load” called. He’s a quick, nimble, and his running mate is the “Darting” Eagle, a tame monster. He lives among the brothers and sisters of the “SoT” guild. We’ll leave the ending open.

“I would only give the banner of the sexual revolution for all the treasures of the world! Or for 26 coins…”

A topic where you can see the “elite” at a glance: https://godville.net/forums/redirect_to_post/2858?post=2051230


(now poetry… it’s written originally in Russian, so translation is poorly rhymed)

To the lawyers of “elite”

Poems are written here above,
By elite’s lawyer,
He can’t hear people
And his rhyme is pimple

I won’t rise to your “heights”
To your elevation
You are so geniuses
And all others just a piece of log


To the rest of you.

the “elites” load tons of prana
and put to the server furnace
for that they’re given the right
to be radiant among the crowds
of worthless logs.
that’s what they call
common folk

and they can do anything
they’re the only ones in the game
they can’t be dragged away from the trough
where their holy magnet is hidden
the selfish desire
to get the most for themselves
and the rest of us all they put to the furnace of creation.
because Godville is built on “them”.

They can do anything.
They’re the “elite”.
You shut your mouth,
and step away from the trough

I think I will, thank you.
i thought it was just a game.
some people’s trough, some people’s divine
we’re all given one life –
and it’s better to spend it happily
than to bicker with the world’s “elite”.
of the magical damn zRPG…


Epitaph to the damn poets.

so many local poets become there,
when they’ve mastered ChatGPT.
they’re “writing” verse after verse
and leave them in the sand

there we see three letters,
there’s  – “There was Vasya”.
how many meanings and patterns.
for every sigh they got applaud
or a thunderous squall of sighs

it’s a sad picture for me
empty people and empty times…
we’re degraded, shame on us
And it serves us right.

I was banned for this message: https://godville.net/forums/redirect_to_post/2858?post=2051630

Access denied. Reason: violation of Godville’s rules of good manners on the forum p.2.2, 2.10 Date of unlocking: 18.04.2023 09:46

Such is the chronicle of the terrible… Extremism! Godville’s staples are broken, the local “elites”panics and hands out a TAG in the guildchats to get my profile flagged)) Zeitgeist.

“…and it serves us right.”

What would I do if I were the admins, if such a rebel came to rock the foundations of my game – Tangaria, Allods 2 or other? I certainly don’t have p2w mechanics there that are giving players away) But here’s a sudden, similar situation… It’s important for me to reflect and put myself in the place of admins, since I do my own community administration. True, it should be noted that I do not claim to be a granite cast in terms of humor and self-irony, unlike Godville, which is grounded in this; so there’s an aggravating thing… my games are harsh, no jokes, all according to the canon of classic fantasy. Nevertheless, let’s imagine such a situation and how I would react to it.

  1. In my games I never get into arguments between players, as long as there’s no foul language or violence. Disputes within the bounds of decency – a normal thing in the gaming community. Moreover, in this situation took place and poetic disses – cultured and beautiful).
  2. The only case where I can burn – if there is a rude criticism of the administration. Especially when you are engaged in open source free project, and the players you still and gargle) Yes, in this case, I stick sometimes. I say this honestly, not trying to seem better than I am. In addition to personal characteristics – criticism of the game administration in a harsh form undermines the authority of admins to the players (the theory of broken windows), which is also not good – he needs the players to comply with the rules. But the situation that was on the forum is different; it was a typical player dispute because of the conflict of interest of one group (casuals) with another (oritas); admins weren’t affected there at all.
  3. Well ok, let’s say an extreme case where I was wildly hurt by such a post and this person personally pissed me off wildly. This kind of antipathy and a complete break in the narrative of the game. Then I would stupidly give him a temporary silence on the forum, not to bother his eyes.

Why ban not only on the forum, but also in the game + clean annals (in which there is nothing outrageous and which no one reads anyway) by cooldown – that’s an interesting question 🙂 Personal vendetta.. As one wise man used to say, “This is life”… and another illustration of human psychology. As well as this post.

Peace and goodness to all!

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