TEMPORARY NOTICE! My channels were banned!

Me and my wife working on 50+ youtube channels (it’s our full-time job) and recently 36 YT channels were blocked without any reason (and our gaming channels among them). Interesting that YT blocked only channels with <10.000 subs, the rest channels where we got 10k+ subs isn’t blocked.

We wrote to YT support and waiting for an answer. As far as we understand – the reason of block is new YT automatic algorithm-bot which fights with spam account; it seems it doesn’t work properly in unusual situations (not much people around got 50+ channels in their family). All our YT channels are 100% legit and fair; we are authors of biggest Russian YouTube community – ‘School of Bloggers’ ( https://www.youtube.com/shkolabloggera ) with 93k subs and we know what is good and what is bad at YT… It’s just a mistake and YT support team would fix it soon.

So for now we are waiting for solving this issue.


HOT! I’ve launched forum about online games: http://mmoforum.org You are welcome there!

Hello, friend!

There you could find information about:
Tangar Gameglaz – about me 🙂
Stream Guild – russian community of streamers
Tangars’ guilds – my guild in MMO, MMORPG and online games

Links for my GAMING video projects:

english Tangar Gameglaz — http://youtube.com/gameglaz
english My daily streams in English — http://youtube.com/channel/UCK-d8Z08ElRz0zgKiAla5fg

russian Tangar Igroglaz (Russian) —  http://www.youtube.com/igroglaz
russian Stream Guild (Russian) YouTube — http://youtube.com/streamguild

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  1. chris says:

    privet! i liked your video about UOForever. i’ve been playing UO on and off since 1997 and have been trying to find a place to play – and now i know not to play there.

    you should check out UO Second Age. it’s fun, but has a low population. however, it has a flawless T2A pvp combat system.

    how did you lose your tooth? that must suck.


    • admin says:

      Hello! I’ve tryed US Second Age a few years ago. Its very good place. The only bad thing is lack of population there.

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