Allods 2: “Tangar’s hat” (Rage of Mages 2 server, 2019)

How to start playing:
0) caferully read the rules;
1) register by filling NEW form;
2) install NEW RoM2 client (download); password:nival
3) edit file ‘allods2.cfg’, parameter ‘z_language’ to ‘english’
4) run the game (create shortcut on the desktop to allods2.exe and run it “as administator”);
5) choose “Server” (globe);
6) enter login – it is your gmail address in which all points, pluses, dashes and @ sumbols are converted to underscores, for example:
for – the login will be: samrom2
for – the login will be: samrom2
for – the login will be: samrom2
7) the password is ID, which you entered in the registration form

Please note that account registration take up to 24 hours and be patient.

For Windows 10: if the game displays in purple color, then after installation:
– download DXwnd and unzip the folder from the archive anywhere
– open Dxwnd.exe; click RMB on an empty space and select ‘Add’
– select the Allods executable file (allods2.exe)
– the game icon will appear – so the game could be launched via dxwnd

If this does not help – download and put these files in the RoM2 folder

If this also does not help too:
1) uninstall the game
2) install GOG RoM2 client
3) copy to GoG RoM2 folder (with replacing) our client files
4) then create shortcut to allods2.exe on the desktop and start the game “as administrator” and in compatibility mode (RMB on the shortcut -> Compatibility -> “Windows 98 / Windows Me”).

If nothing helps, download VirtualBox or any other emulator and install Windows XP or Windows 7 on it 🙂 RoM2 is not gluttonous game, it flies on the virtual machine really fast.

We are welcome you to join to our discord-channel!

About hat
Right now there is a public alpha test; when it would be finished – there would be a wipe.

Soon there would be more info about hat..

Hat works on the assembly built by Exciton и ZZYZX; I want to say thanks to Anotomix for help with initial hat installation; and thanks for setup to ZZYZX, WarBeginner, Zhuxus, Nikolay, ILIUS, Chariot and everyone who supported in discord!

2 Responses to Allods 2: “Tangar’s hat” (Rage of Mages 2 server, 2019)

  1. Cthulchu says:

    discord channel is down…

    • tangar says:

      I suppose you received ban in discord for ‘negative way of communication’ (when you logged in, you started to scold our hat). Right now I revoked ban and hope for positive way of communication.

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