Roguelike zeitnot (new IDDC-like mode)

IDDC mode in TomeNET has GREAT gameplay mode but there are two nasty things:

1) necessity to clear all dungeon “to zero” – kill all monster to get as much exp from one level as you could. Without exploring every corner you dramatically reduce your chances to survive in compare to players who clear everything. But scouting every tile feels quite BORING sometimes, especially at the beginning.
2) necessity to cheeze items from shops at Bree, and _especially_ at dungeon towns. You have to scum shops in dungeon towns for a lot of hours to get items with resistances which you need. Cheezing shops for hours is no doubt BORING. Continue reading

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Petition: nerf events’ rewards for ‘Soloist’ mode in TomeNET

Dear friends, please support petition to nerf event rewards in ‘Soloist’ mode:

To sign petition you only need to add your nickname to the end of this document

Also wanna add that I won’t play/stream TomeNET till this cheeze would be nerfed.

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Color inversion effect after ‘stun’ in roguelike

xxdeadmonkxxrecently wrote a comment under my stream that ‘black background makes you feel very special in roguelike games, more fantazy than in common graphical RPGs’. It’s gaved an idea to me: what if in certain character states (like ‘stun‘ or ‘hallucination’) game would make your window screen colors inverse – like a negative in photogaphy.

It wont blink, like at this picture – this state would just appear right after you got in certain state and would stay the same till it would be lifted – so it would’t be irritating,

It would make game pretty unusual in such state 😀

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TomeNET ladder enhancement

The problem of TomeNET ladder: there is only top 100 players and most of entries are from 2012-2014 years. “Noteworthy Occurances” also don’t give any sutisfaction when you get there – because they are not permanent. TomeNET ladder are not newbie friendly and focused at ‘elitism’ atmosphere. But ladder should motivate players, and especially new players – give them feeling that they could achieve something and be inscribed to the history of the game.  Continue reading

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MAngband (Multiplayer Angband)

Hiho! I’ve just started to play MAngband (Multiplayer Angband) –

Recently this game had a birthday – 20 years!

It’s got new website, relay between game and Discord ( and also updates comming soon. Gameplay feels very oldschool and I enjoyed it! My video stream:

As the most often question considering MAngband is ‘how roguelike could be played online, if it’s turn-based??’, I would answer it right away hehe: Continue reading

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Legends of Aria: I like everything except.. ‘guarded’ zone are too big

I play UO from 1999 and pretty enjoyed LoA during open beta. It certanly feels like ‘enchanced’ UO, close to UO 2 as we wanted it. There are some minor problems with UI and other tiny stuff which certanly could be improved in time..

The only one real problem: I’ve tried to get out of guarded zones to find a PvP fight and… failed. This ‘safe’ zones are way too big. They should end 50 meters from town borders, or even less (like it was in UO). Either way it doesn’t feel like sandbox experience, no danger, no real emotions.. no UO feeeling.

I hope devs could consider to change this concept.

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TomeNET: Soloist mode and participation in game events

It is possible to get an OOD-item at lvl 1 by participating in regular events (dungeon keeper & etc) while in “soloist” mode.

Events give solid possibility to get endgame OOD-item from the start. As main feature of ‘Soloist’ mode – traditional roguelike experience when every character have to start from zero and without cheezing later on, such powerful rewards doesn’t fit to ‘Soloist’. In this events you could get !endgame! items, like +10 mana staff or +25/+25 bow from the start (level 1) what just ruins soloist mode idea. Continue reading

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MUD as it should be: 5 problems of game design

I’ve made video (you could find it below) about top 5 current problems in MUDs gamedesign. As my English could be hard to understand sometimes, I’ve also made short summary of stuff which I said in my video: Continue reading

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TomeNET – the best MMORPG-roguelike game

TomeNET is open-source MMORPG-roguelike based at Tolkien lore. Some people call it real-time game, but actually it’s fast-paced turn-based game.

Why TomeNET is one of the best MMORPGs around? Continue reading

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TomeNET open-world exploration

1) I tried to make some exploration in open-world, cause new server had all dungeons in random places. Actually it’s pretty fun to make such explorations, it feels very like playing Dwarf Fortress (where new world procedurelly generated every time). Just imagine it: MULTIPLAYER Dwarf Fortress :D People from all over the internet would come to play something like this. Smart procedure generation of open-world – it’s ingenious TomeNET feature.. Right now it’s kinda underestimated and unknown by most of players, but it could become one of main features at RPG-server and should be advanced far beyond! :D Continue reading

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Throw items macro in Macro Wizard

UPDATE: this idea already in-game!

At IDDC and RPG-server, when you just start to play – it’s could be pretty useful to be able to throw weapons and potions to enemies. Sometimes I got several daggers and other blades in my inventory, but I’m not able to throw them in battle; cause I have to ‘prompt’ directions manually and it’s not a case when you fight with bunch of angry orcs :D

add macro to throw items to target closest monster. 

First you have to assign new key in Macro Wizard to throw items to the closest monster. Example: you assign it to F1 key. Then:
1) you push ‘F1’ key
2) game asks you which item do you wish to throw
3) you choose an item (a-z)
4) this item thrown to the closest enemy automatically

Also maybe add possibility to fast throw (to the closest enemies) items which were inscribed in certain way.

Actually I’m huge fan of throwing stuff in roguelike games; previous ideas about throwing-skill:

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[suggestions] TomeNET RPG server remake

Devs just estabilished RPG-server and I’ve made test-stream there (in Russian)


1) It’s awesome to have a chance to play without cheezing. Thanks to devs for giving such opportunity!

Continue reading

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Looking for MUDs without scripters and afk-macrosers

1) Are there any MUD around where developers fights VS unnatural scripted style of gameplay? So players would play manually, without need to AFK-macro. At least have anti-afk capcha?

2) I wonder are there any MUD which have such gameplay, which prevent (or at least make it not so effective) players from using scripts? So player to be effective has to push hotkeys (ex: F1-F12) MANUALLY… So it would be like player-human would win VS player-scripter on trigger-steroids

p.s. I feel myself like a robot in fantazy world with all this macro-industry around me.. WTF.. Not fun.

p.p.s. Maybe it’s all this scripts – what made *some* people to move to WoW-like games from MUDs, cause at WoW you have to do all by your hands (WoW bots are a joke and any mediocre player play better); and AFAIS in MUDs you need just to write good triggers/scripts to be successful 🙁 I enjoy playing text-based game, read all rooms descriptions, to live in this magic atmosphere.. but all this scripting religion really killing me.

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[idea] MUD gameplay within roguelike

Currently I play MUDs and I was inspired a lot by playing them.

Actually TomeNET could be called roguelike-MUD MMORPG, cause there is game message windows and it’s possible to give players a lot of stuff to read there.


1) Add new option in-game – to show ‘expanded’ descriptions of location which triggers when you come at certain place.
2) MUD approach to NPC: TomeNET doesn’t need to show NPC on tiles as ‘@’ or ‘t’ symbols. They could be just shown in message window, like in MUDs. Example: Continue reading

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Why WildStar wasn’t successful?

I’ve read a thread at reddit today: Why Isn’t WildStar more successful?

My answer: The same reason why VR not popular in MMORPG – it’s hurts to play it a lot, you got dizzy. WildStar arcade combat was amazing in concept, but in reality it made people sick after a while of playing this game. I felt tired after playing this game for hour or too. So I (and a lot of other players) dropped it even before reaching lvl 20.

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