Discord channel for “Tangar’s Hat” (Rage of Mages 2)

Our server got discord channel: https://discord.gg/5tW79kb

I warn everyone in advance that there will be strict sanctions against the swearing. Please be friendly 🙂 I really want to recreate the warm and lampy atmosphere of Nival server in 1999 – the atmosphere of mutual respect and positive.

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Hat: adventures begins!

The server is running in test mode while one card; I’ll add more tomorrow. Instructions on how to play:


I’m smoking configs now, so maybe a wipe will be very soon.

Thanks to Anotomix, as well as ZZYZX and Neo for help with setting up the server 🙂

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Angband (roguelike) guide: tips & tricks

To make savefile load automatically when you start Angband

Right click the shortcut, there should be a field in properties ‘Object’ where you can add path to savefile, eg:

C:\games\angband\angband.exe “C:\games\angband\lib\user\save\tangar”

Or, if you have the angband directory as working directory, just:
angband.exe lib\user\save\tangar

In linux it would be -utangar Continue reading

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Diversity of terrain in Angband (roguelike)

Commenting guy from Dwaft Fortress forum:

it’s still the exact same boring dungeon generation big empty room, very long corridors of nothing , no special dungeon features or etc

I suppose it won’t hurt if the game would more terrain features, eg:

– water generation (streams and lakes, flooded levels)
– chasms (also different types, some could work like ‘big’ pit-traps, floors-like where you could fight with monsters (with certain +/-); some like deep descent chasms)
– more types of terrain – floors/walls. Online roguelikes (PWMA and TomeNET) got different layouts in the dungeons, it makes adventure more diverse. As V got one dungeon, it could have such features just certain lvls, eg
— some levels could be ‘cold’ (with icy floors which could be slippery – such ones exist in TomeNET; ice walls (melted by fire easely).
— some could be hot (with sand, which is easy to dig) etc

Also TomeNET had relatively recent update with great way of ‘inserting’ parts of the ‘interesting’ terrain in the dungeon. So in common ‘stone’ dungeons could be small patches of sandy walls (they looks very organic as they come in certain group/pattern, not randomly; it looks and feels very fun), maybe V-devs could investigate how it’s made in TomeNET code

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Angband (roguelike): big size font for UI

My font for Angband, 24×36 px (BIG!)

Recently I’ve started to play Angband (my stream) and noticed that it’s got very tiny fonts (for my bad vision). At first I didn’t figured out how to change it to big ones (as when I tried to do it via menu – it glitched), but then I’ve understood how to make it properly. 

The thing is that “TileWid=..” and “TileHgt=..” in angband.INI (config file) should have the same values as your font size. Then everything works 🙂

So I wanna present my fonts for Angband, which I drew myself. To get them work you need to download them and put to ..\lib\fonts folder and then register them via config file or via game options menu.


I use this font for 1920×1080 with 150% Windows scaling.

Have fun!

If Angband devs like this font, I’ll be glad if it would be included to Angband package. It’s already included to TomeNET, PWMA, MAng. Actually there are not only font, but 1-bit graphical tileset with 23 size variants of this font, but all of them optimized for TomeNET. Maybe in time I’ll optimize it for Angband too 🙂

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PWMAngband: min/max lvl reqs to prevent scumming

/rfe add “Minimum/maximum level requirements” flag to objects.txt (eg in tomenet).

It would help to balance items and prevent a lot of scumming mechanics (passing powerful objects to low lvl players etc).

This flag could be optional, so there won’t be need to assign it for all existing equipment; just to add it where it really needed.

In comparisson to TomeNET, PWMA could have more advanced lvl assigning – to have also ‘maximum lvl reqs’ for items. It could be really useful to prevent high lvl players to scum low lvl dungeons for certain low lvl items. Eg ‘food’ which is an important resource @ AO; without such restriction high lvl players could just grind food in newbie dungeon which makes hunger system not so awesome as it could be.. One of my favorite ever moments in playing online roguelikes was where I thought that I’m out of food in IDDC and I had to eat all what I found to survive – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4lP2L_vHzc … this should be situation which players rarely get, it would give players a lot of fun. And if player want to avoid it – he still would be able to buy food from other players; but it should be rare to make it interesting.

Yet another addition to solve this problem is to have “maximum level requirements” parameter for dungeons in dungeons.txt; so player won’t be able to come in dungeons which got weakier monsters. Then it would be possible to prevent low lvl dungeons scumming at all. Also it would make rescue missions more interesting as players would have to rescue “equals”.. Without it most of rescue missions are quite boring – cause you come to the dungeon with high lvl char to rescue low lvl char in low lvl dungeon. Also it would motivate players to play together in parties.

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[M&M 6] Potion brewing without guides/save-loads: minimum req. lvl

Hiho! I wondered how we could get on with potions if you try to avoid spoilers/guides/save-loads scumming in Might and Magic 6? In MM6 there is no recepies (compared to MM7)..

So I’m thinking about such workaround – to use spoilers for potion brewing, BUT drink certain potions only when characters would reach certain lvl. So it would be like ‘artificial’ restrictions which I’ll apply for myself to have legit and balanced gameplay.

But as I’m newbie in MM6 I’m not sure – which lvl boundaries I should choose? So I need your help, guys! So far we got such potion’s tiers: Continue reading

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Might & Magic 6: mouse cursors

In today’s stream I’ve created this cursors for Might and Magic 6 🙂

Example, new cursor on white and dark surfaces

Please feel free to download this cursors there: cursors.zip

Then you just need to unpack it to ‘data’ folder  ( C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Might and Magic 6\data ).

I publish this work on CC0 licence, anyone could use it without any limitations 🙂

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Warriors of Waterdeep: rooms before Rust monster guide

WoW guides menu: beginners guide | Follow the Voices | before Rust monster

Guide by S4x0pwnd:

2 levels before rust monster boss I got stuck again. My advice: Continue reading

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Warriors of Waterdeep: beginners guide

WoW guides menu: beginners guide | Follow the Voices | before Rust monster

Warriors of Waterdeep guide for new players by TTjiong:

This is a general guideline to take you from 2 member party to average party level 8 (Use of Epic items) // assuming F2P Continue reading

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Warriors of Waterdeep: Follow the Voices guide

WoW guides menu: beginners guide | Follow the Voices | before Rust monster

Pre-history: recently I’ve stuck at Follow the Voices location in Warriors of Waterdeep. I don’t have much gold (getting it mostly from events and arena chests) and it’s pretty common problem in WoW. I’ve found very good guide @ game discord, written by 793.

How to complete Follow the Voices
mission 2 with lvl 4-5 team, a bit of luck and a bunch of tries. Continue reading

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Tree of Savior: big font size solution

Tree of Savior is pretty cool f2p MMORPG (you could download it in Steam), but it got one problem – small UI size. In the past I’ve created video guide how to increase it a bit, but it didn’t help much.

Now I’ve got much better solution – new font, focused on making game font and UI bigger. How to change ‘Tree of Savior’ font size:

Download new font: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nC2nLBvjA5tzHX-Q3Ld7OrXfqxHZX6w_/view?usp=sharing
PASSWORD: name of the game (no spaces, no capital letters)
Copy it and replace files in this folder: \steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release\languageData\English\font

Video instruction (there I showed old font, much smaller; new one much better!):

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MAngband 1.5.0 released

New version of MAngband released! It’s got a lot of new cool features: changelog

https://mangband.org/ (Multiplayer Angband) — vanilla online roguelike game; mother of online roguelike genre; gave birth to TomeNET and PWMA (and of course AO!).

Dear MAngband team, thank you for your great job! 🙂 Together we would bring online roguelike genre to the new level!

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Angband: time to move on

Originally Posted by Nick 
I’m sorry about that post. It was Monday morning, I was feeling kind of grumpy, and you popped up accusing someone else of being counterproductive and it just all got a bit much.

No problem, no harm done. It’s cool to have freedom of speech and I hope it would stay the same at this wonderful forums. 

After all – we all wish good to Angband. There is no enemies, we all on one side, just have different vision on matters.

I’m sorry if my crude English language was offencive, I got two properties – hot temper and straightforwardness – which mixed together sometimes bring troubles. Sorry for that.

But still it’s fun to have this discussion, even if everything predetermined. We all let off steam a bit there, in this topic.. So we could move forward without hidden disrespect. It’s good that we ‘purged’ ourself, put all thougths and feelings to this basket.

I wish good luck with current Angband updates. I’ll still continue to play ‘old’ lore version of the game, but I would continue to look into new updates and would be glad to take new interesting monsters to my variant (or maybe Powerwyrm would include them to PWMA – as my variant is based at PWMA).

This discussion gave to me some new experience and knowledge, I hope that I’m not alone in this positive aquirement and this conversation gave some positive stuff (along with negative, there is no way to deny it) to the community.

Kind regards,

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Angband: why DnD influence is good

Originally Posted by takkaria 
I find it hard to believe that you make this suggestion with a straight face. The most popular – by what measure? Famous – maybe in that everyone has heard of Dungeons and Dragons – but not the actual details of the bestiary, which tends towards being quite generic as has been pointed out above.

The good thing about DnD and other tabletop fantasy RPG universes that they are truly ‘evolving’ – evolving in a good way, becomming richer. As Derakon said before about Moria vs Angband:

Originally Posted by Derakon 
Angband was basically “maximalist Moria” when it first came out. Moria has 50 levels? Angband has 100! You can beat Moria at around clvl 30? In Angband you can go all the way up to clvl 50! Moria has warrior, rogue, paladin, mage, and priest? Angband has rangers too and everyone (except the warrior) gets twice as many spellbooks! Moria has ego items? Angband has artifacts! Moria has 150 monster types (or however many it was)? Angband has 500, and some of them are unique!

‘DnD’ (by this acronym in current discussion I mean not only DnD, but actually all pool of fantasy pen-and-paper role-playing games) also going this way, constantly. It provides more and more content! Each next edition (for example, classic DnD itself got already 5th editions) gives something new. And it’s fun to have new stuff, especially when it make sense!

Not all introducted in new table-top games editions stuff is good, but it’s Angband advantage – to choose what to take; some monsters could make Vanilla Angband lore better, more rich and exiting.

At the same time – Tolkien lore is STATIC. I’m sorry, guy, but Tolkien is dead. He won’t write new stuff and won’t ‘create’ new monsters. His universe is quite brilliant, but it was created long time ago, dozens of years before DnD appeared (not speaking about PC RPG games). Tolkien’s bestiary can not evolve, it’s ‘canonic’ and ‘Tolkien’s heritage’ protect his lore from any changes or ‘evolvement’ – which is pretty silly (as all attempts of copyright forces to restrain other peoples creative).

So while Vanilla Angband is open to new ‘DnD’ (and other pen-n-paper fantasy worlds) influence and take ideas from it – it’s great advantage. Restricting game to pure-Tolkien and wiping DnD stuff from it – not only removes 30 years flavour which everybody get used for, but also makes game more ‘STATIC’!. So when you speak about ‘evolving’ – it’s not evolving, guys, but a building a border; whats Nick doing:

1) wiping DnD stuff 
2) making pure-Tolkien border around what left in there

Yep, it’s new high fence around Angband lore. It’s like stuff which Saruman made to Isengard – from diverse beautiful land with trees – he put everything in ‘order’ by cutting trees down and made his land covered with similar grey stone – the same thing Nick is doing with Angand lore right now.

So despite of some opinions in this thread – I’m not after making Angband static – vice versa! But it should be enrichment, taking all the best from fantasy worlds; not restrictions by one universe. Of course, each new addition should be discussed – how it would fit into the present lore (so we won’t have rockets in Vanilla lol).

Vanilla Angband traditional lore – mixed Universe. It’s pretty special – with the ‘core’ of Tolkien (Nazguls, hobbits, Azog etc) and with RICH DnD flavour around it. And it’s fun to play with such game. It’s not boring as some other ‘pure’ Tolkien games and it’s evolving! Without DnD it would be boring static.

Angand Vanilla is: Tolkien ‘core’ enriched with proper DnD stuff. Dark elves, kobolds, gnomes and other old fellas – fits good in it, there is no need to wipe them!

This is yet another point to add to previous 9 points which in my ‘last word’. So now it’s now 10 reasons to save Vanilla Angband lore.

I again wanna repeat quote from my first message in this thread:

Originally Posted by tangar 
How come that I’m as a huge Tolkien fan (damm I even runned in the forests with wooden sword in real life) – do not like current Angband tolkienization? Because it’s a conflict of interests – Tolkien lore VS Angband lore. Sorry, but Angband is not a fanfic Tolkien website to bend it like this. In Angband ‘game’ it’s lore and traditions more precious then Tolkien heritage.
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