Tangar Gameglaz

Hi ho, catguys! I’m Tangar Glaz, I’m 31, from Moscow, Russia. I’ve started my life in MMORPG and online games in 1999, when I was a small boy… Today I’m youtuber, MMO-expert and author of gaming magazines in Russia. Also I’m founder of russian streamers community – Stream Guild (http://streamguild.ru); our goal is to search for a talented streamers and develop streamers’ movement in Russia.

My contacts: igroglaz [at] gmail [dot] com

Links for my GAMING youtube channels:

english Tangar Gameglaz — http://youtube.com/gameglaz — News and Analytics about MMO, MMORPG and online games
english My daily streams in English — 

russian Tangar Igroglaz (Russian) —  http://www.youtube.com/igroglaz
russian Stream Guild (Russian) YouTube — http://youtube.com/streamguild

If you like my and Shtukensia videos? Then you could subscribe to OUR another channels in English:

♥TheNetherlands: Learn Dutch Language

And OUR channels in Russian (full list there):

Links to RUSSIAN youtube channels Description Website
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My instagram: https://instagram.com/igroglaz
Shtukensia’s instagram: https://instagram.com/verado

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